Ethereum Bulls Takes the Price to $233

  • Ethereum (ETH) price movement keeps the adventure alive
  • The current upsurge brings the price counter to $233

Ethereum is counted among the top trending coins of the market. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is regarded as the most influential altcoin of the market. The currency is likely to mark a great difference in the upcoming period. Talking about today, the intraday traders are elated by the sudden improvement.

ETH/USD Price Chart:

Ethereum (ETH) Price News

Ethereum was spotted at $223 in yesterday’s opening hour. The coin began the day with an upsurge of 2.41% as the price counters moved from $223 to $229 in 2 and a half hour. Ethereum dribbled after the same to $225 at 06:20 UTC that was again followed by a correction of 1.08% as the price counters moved from $225 to $227. Further, Ethereum spotted heavy fluctuation that spotted price moving from $227 to $223 and later climbing back to $225. Thereafter, the price of the coin booked a plunge and that brought it to $221 and registered the intraday low. The coin closed the day at $226. The day long movement in the coin reflected 0.84% escalation in the price.

Today, Ethereum started with an escalation as the price moved to $228 from $226. The coin was spotted hovering at the same level till 05:50 UTC. With a sudden spike at $230, ETH price recently, marked upsurge of 2.40% as the coin climbed to $223.

Will ETH Gear Up for its Winning Momentum?

  • Ethereum price has performed on a consistent basis as seen from the price trend of the past 30 days

Ethereum (ETH) price has had a slow start to the year but the coin picked up well from there. Even the past one-month price trend for the coin has seen ETH moving continually in the upward direction though the bears made the coin to taper near the end of the month. The price of ETH has been oscillating between $185–$285 for the time period.

Ethereum Price Comparison

ETH price steered well in the upward range for most part of the 30-day price trend raising the hopes of the investor community.

The month stared on a low note for the coin with the price of ETH being below the baseline price on Feb 04 at $184.92. The price of ETH spiraled upwards from here on and reached a high of $285.02, showing an upward momentum of a huge 53.99%. There was a momentary bear momentum on Feb 17 when the price slid to $247.68, the downward movement was at 13.10%.

ETH coin continued to perform in the upward direction raising the price once again to $283.70 on Feb 19, the rise being at 14.86%. The bears got stronger during the period and pushed the price of ETH downward to $216.17 showing a massive downward variation of 24.08%. Still, ETH price continued to push for an upward momentum and reached a high of $231 on Mar 02, the rise was to the extent of 6.86%. There has been a bearish momentum today with the price moving slightly downwards to $229.18.

Ethereum (ETH) Price News

Investors should continue to hold on to their investments from a long-term perspective and look at the potential returns of the coin.